Hello, lovely people!

Hi lovelies,

I’m Astrid, owner and Designer of Love Astrid and welcome to my new blog!

This blog will be the place where I will share my passion for designing and making colourful jewellery, behind the scenes of my process and travels, styling tips and the occasional interview with other coola shaka makers that I meet from around the world!

Until now, I have been most active on Instagram. A few weeks ago I promised on one of my Instagram posts that I will share some tips about my journey travelling the world and running a small business at the same time.

So yesss my lovely makers .. hang in there .. it’s coming and the good news is with this blog you will get more juicy details of the how, where and what I am up to :)

Anyhoooo, let’s move along. Since this is my first blog post I’m sure a lot of you don’t know anything about me, so let me begin by sharing 10 fun facts about me:

  1. I always listen to my upbeat music playlist when I’m working. Always! I can’t concentrate if I don’t listen to music. 

  2. I’m currently obsessed with Sia’s latest album “This Is Acting” . I LOVE SIA! 

  3. I am at my absolute happiest when I’m dancing.

  1. I have only ever googled Justin Bieber once. This occurred recently, only because his “Sorry” video is choreographed by Parris Goebel. The dance moves .. ohhhh .. SHE’S A STAR! 

  2. My fingers are too small for guitar, so I play the ukulele :) 

  3. Ohh .. and I sing a bit.

  4. I was a karate athlete when I was younger. Waaachaaa!

  5. I realise I am small. I may not look it but I can still karate chop some bad guys. Double Waaaachaaa!


  1. I have a scooter. I named her Totty. It’s short for Lady Tottington, a character from Wallace & Gromit, The Curse of A Were-Rabbit. My favourite!

  1. I can’t eat a meal without super spicy sambal. This is an Indonesian sauce that I handmake with at least 30 red hot chilli peppers. To the untrained, this can cause death 

So I’ve shared a little about me, I’d love to hear from you too. You can leave me a comment below.

Now that I’ve got my first blog post done, I’m sure there will be many more on the way, so if you want to follow my journey I’d love for you to subscribe via email below or you can follow me on Instagram.

Love Astrid