#LoveAstridFriends here's 20% OFF your next order

Hello there friends,
It's me, Astrid and I need your help.

I really want to showcase my amazing supporters, you, wearing your LA jewellery.

But, with these lockdown and restrictions I haven't been able to do a proper photoshoot. I did figure out a way but I need your help to do it. 
Here's how you can help me:

Create a quick 5 seconds video of you wearing your LA jewellery.

AND, I'm offering 20% OFF your next order in exchange for your videos. 

Don't worry.. it's going to be a super simple video.
You can take it while you're in you're chillin' on the couch or when you're out and about. 
You can just show the jewellery, or if you want to dance.. then dance.. whichever you want and comfortable with. No pressure, just haave fun :) 


Here's a couple of example (the video is on the 3rd image content):

Obviously you don't have to create the same thing.
The lady in those videos is way too comfortable in front of the camera because it is what she does for a living.
Yes, I am just talking about myself in a third person, HA!

  • Good natural lighting. Bright natural light is the best.
  • Make sure your face and jewellery is clear and in the frame
  • Just use your phone video with no filter. 
  • Portrait setting (the 9:16 ratio, which will be your default video setting.)
 The videos will be used on my social media and website.

  • Email it to me hello@loveastrid.com
  • If the size is too big for email you can send it via WeTransfer, a file transfer platform used by so many creatives. https://wetransfer.com/
Last day to submit your video is 31 August 2021


After I receive the video, I will email you a unique promo code that only you can use. 

Both the offer and promo code is valid for one time use only. It is non transferable, non refundable and can not be exchanged for cash.

This code will be valid for 2 months from the day you received your email.

The code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, special promotions or discounts.